Copyright Notice

All the images on this website remain the property of René Théberge who owns the exclusive copyright to all photographs and text appearing on this site. No images are within the Public Domain. Copyright © 2000-2014, Rene Theberge. All rights reserved.

What is allowed?
The pictures on this website can be used free of charge by individuals and non-profit organizations for a strict non-commercial use. This means that you can create a link to them, copy them to your own website or to your own PC. You can use them as wallpaper, screensaver or whatever, as long as it is for personal non-commercial use. Students are invited to use the images for school papers or research projects. There is only one condition for the usage: you must clearly attribute the copyright to me. If you use the images on a website, you must also include my e-mail address, rene at

What is NOT allowed?
All uses other then above mentioned are strictly unauthorized. Any other use is prohibited without the prior express, written consent of the author/photographer, René Théberge. It is certainly NOT allowed to use the images or text for a commercial use.

What if I want them for something else?
If you would like these photos commercially or for any use other than those mentioned above in “what is allowed,” or if you are interested in high-resolution scans, slide duplicates or prints, please contact me by email.